List of good


List of good

Laser technology has proven over the years to be one of the most effective and safe methods in aesthetic medicine. Top-Medics private clinics employ its potential in modern varicose veins treatment - EVLT. Visit the website to find out more about the procedure and make an appointment at one of our medical facilities.

Top-Medics Poland

Płocka 4/112, 02-231 Warszawa,
(53) 091 38 13

Steinhof towbars are appreciated not only in Poland, but in many European countries as well. The bases of the offer are first of all the quality and durability of the products, as well as wide range of the offer. On the company website you will find solutions for virtually every car on the roads nowadays.

The website created by Alexandra Jakubowska presents only a small part of all of the possibilities and potential of this enthusiastic wedding photographer. Her amazing skills and individual approach towards every project gives fantastic results and makes newborn, wedding photography as unique and beautiful as they can be.

Aleksandra J Wedding Photography

2300 Saddlecreek Crescent, L6M 5J6 Oakville,
(47) 639 15 68
Display Light Boxes - Warmax

Available in several versions, including one- or two-sided, they are selected for effective promotion of any brand and company. Display light boxes from Warmax is a solution representing clean, elegant look, perfect for advertising needs of your brand. Manufactured from aluminium, the LED ads are also highly durable.


Uxendon hill 66, HA9 9SL London,
Greater London
(79) 200 94 458 - Activities tromso

If you want to go on an amazing sea adventure in Norway, contact Lady Elsie crew and book your cruise today! There is a number of activities in Tromso you can choose from. One of which is whale watching, going on a fishing trip where you can catch the biggest fish of your life or go see the Northern Lights.

Tromso Angling & Whale Watching Adventures

Sjøtunvegen 481, 9108 Kvaløya,
(+4) 747 89 5864
Turbo rebuild

Reconditioned turbo, if repaired by a professional, will serve infallibly for a very long period of time. Visit Reman-Tec Ltd website and find out more about the exceptional offer of brand new as well as high quality reconditioned turbo compressors for vehicles of virtually any brand. Choose Reman-Tec Ltd offer!

Reman-Tec Ltd

5 London Road, SW17 9JR London,
Greater London
(74) 484 72 512 : Shimano disc brake pads

The quality of every bicycle part manufactured by probably the leader on the market is known to virtually everyone - not only cyclists. MC Sport is an online store offering e.g. Shimano disc brake pads, which have been created for recreational rides as well as for the most demanding professionals. See the details.

MC Sport

Jaracza 33/35, 90-259 Łódź,
(50) 970 67 00
High gloss - tv cabinets

Modern elegance for your home is cheaper than you think! Visit the website offering contemporary furniture at great prices and choose, for instance, amazing high gloss TV cabinets. All of the units are manufactured from solid materials and will elegantly fit in with your living room or bedroom. Check the offer!

Office depot

Beautifully lit, created in the contemporary style with the use of the highest quality materials and greatly fitting in even the most luxurious space. Reception desks offered by Office Furniture Factory MDD is what you need to make your salon as elegant as can be. The website presents examples of work of the company's designers.

Warehouse in Poland

Thanks to long experience and detailed knowledge of the local real estate market, Cushman & Wakefield is a company trusted by numerous investors in the country. Our experts will help you find a perfect warehouse in Poland, an investment area or renegotiate your contracts. See the details on the website.

Cushman & Wakefield Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Pl. Piłsudskiego 1, 00-078 Warszawa,
woj. Mazowieckie
(22) 820 20 20
NOVOFLOOR - Synthetical floor

Fantastic, safe and durable solutions, manufactured on the basis of polyurethane resin, used in various environment. In the offer of Novol company you can find a synthetic floor to be used indoors and outdoors, dedicated for basketball, tennis courts as well as multipurpose solutions, perfect for schools.

NOVOL Sp. z o.o.

ul. Żabikowska 7/9, 62-052 Komorniki,
woj. wielkopolskie
(61) 810 98 00

Reliable and modern - such is the equipment produced by dynamically developing CAMSAT company. The offer includes such solutions, as wireless receivers and transmitters, and other equipment used within CCTV, as well as TV systems. The technical details and complete offer can be found on the company website.


ul. Ogrodowa 2a, 86-050 Solec Kujawski,
woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie
(52) 387 10 97
Śrem S.A. - iron foundry Poland

An experienced and at the same time modern iron foundry in Poland, \"Srem\" S.A., is one of the biggest companies of such type in Eastern Europe. The company produces castings up to 30 thousand kilograms and is able to manufacture even 64 thousand tons a year. As a result it is able to fulfill the demands of even the biggest contractors.

S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o. - PVC sheet piles

PVC sheet piles are becoming more and more popular amongst civil engineers, because of its durability, wide range of applications as well as the simplicity of installation. Depending on the project, digging, jetting or driving methods are used. Visit Pietrucha website and get to know PVC sheet piles!


ul. Szkolna 29, 95-054 Ksawerów,
woj. łódzkie
(42) 212 84 84
PPH S. I A. Pietrucha ZPCHR - Geogrids

One of the materials is gaining large popularity amongst companies from the construction sector are GeoGrids. Pietrucha reached the highest quality level of production process. As a result, the GeoGrids with integrated nodes are extremely durable and offer the best parameters for civil engineering. They are applied for instance during construction of roads or railways to reinforce the soil, they act as a perfect slope stabilization and more. Pietrucha company welcomes You to visit our website.


ul. Przemysłowa 10, 98-235 Błaszki,
woj. łódzkie
(43) 829 20 51
Slotted screen

Amongst various products, available in Progress Eco S.A. company offer, you can find for instance innovative, very solid slotted screen for industrial use. If you are interested, simply visit Progress Eco S.A. corporate website and contact our specialists to find out more about slotted screen. Progress Eco S.A. is a company you can trust!

Progress Eco

ul. Dobrów 7, 28-142 Tuczępy,
woj. Świętochrzyskie
(15) 864 62 70
Car design Carlex

Carlex Design is, as the name itself implies, a car design company specializing in creating utterly original, beautiful interiors. Check the examples, that can be found on Carlex Design website - they show just a small part of the possibilities and skills of the experts in car design employed by the company.

Carlex Design ™

Bolesława Prusa 10, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała,
(33) 811 95 02
Basketball shop

Welcome to the online basketball shop Basketmania. Our offer is divided into other categories, due to the destiny of shoes. These training shoes, basketball, football, trekking, tennis is a classic running, ha hall and sandals and flip flops. On our site you will find a lot of shoes basket at promotional prices. Become familiar with our promotions. Each of us knows that Nike shoes, Adidas shoes and other famous companies are good quality shoes and very comfortable.


ul. ul. Hallera 15, 83-200 Starogard Gdański,
woj. Pomorskie
(50) 194 41 43 Law firm Belarus

Magnusson - a law firm in Belarus, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia and other countries belonging to the Baltic Sea Region. We offer comprehensive advisory services to all the companies, looking for a one-time help or for a law firm offering regular support in their country. Visit one of Magnusson offices in Belarus, Poland or other countries of the region!


6, Prospekt Mira, Meliora Place, 129090 Moscow,
(74) 958 00 1540
Blow molding machine

Blow molding machine from the offer prepared by SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH company is very efficient equipment used by professional plants located on every continent. The quality of the solutions used in our blow molding machines is appreciated by constantly growing number of SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH Clients.

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